WPPA6B Proel 600w passive speaker package with simple mixer ideal for Halls

WPPA6B Proel 600w passive speaker package with simple mixer ideal for Halls

Product Code: WPPA6B
Brand: PROEL
Condition: New
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This Proel 600w RMS passive speaker package is perfect for village halls or school halls who would like to invest in a little more quality, and is suitable for up to 300 people. It's really good value for money, with the addition of Proel Wave series speakers, Proel power amplifier and mixer which all carry a 3 year guarantee and sound really, really good!

The package contains 4 x 150 watt RMS Proel Wave series passive speakers with wall brackets, and 100 metres of speaker cable and connectors for each end. It also contains a Proel PPX600 power amplifier to power the speakers, and a simple-to-use Proel AMIX63 microphone/music mixer.

The mixer has inputs on the back allowing the connection of up to 6 wired/wireless microphones (not supplied) and a music source.

If you wanted to upgrade the power amplifier and simple mixer to the Proel equivalent with a 3 year guarantee (as opposed to one) please let us know and we will be happy to put a special package together for you.

Because everyone's needs are different, we have not added in any microphones or CD player to the package, but you'll find some recommendations below. We are happy to advise on which are best for your needs.

Laptops can easily be connected into the mixer if you are giving presentations etc.

The mixer also has RECORD output which can be connected to a laptop running software such as Audacity, to record meetings for example. The RECORD output can also be used to output to a Hearing Induction Loop system if one is installed in the hall. We also supply these if needed.

You can also add on a rack case - either floor-standing or wall-mounted - to keep the amplifier and mixer in, and the CD player and wireless microphone receivers if you choose to buy them too. Rack shelves are also available to stand things on. The rack doors can be glass or perforated metal, lockable or just slam shut.

If you want to keep the PA system away in a separate room or high on a wall out of reach, you can add wallplates to the system which allow hall users to connect their music source or microphone into the wallplate, which is then wired back to the PA system.

What PA? do not install PA systems, but whoever does your usual electrical installation will easily be able to install this package for you, under our guidance.

If this sounds just the package for your hall please give us a call or email enquiries@whatpa.co.uk and we can recommend the right microphones, cables, CD player or Induction Loop system for your needs.
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