WPA-WI Versatile PA System ideal for WI U3A or Committee meetings

WPA-WI Versatile PA System ideal for WI U3A or Committee meetings

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We had a brief to put together a PA system suitable for WI Meetings of around 50 people. They didn't want a battery-powered system because they kept forgetting to charge the unit, or the microphone batteries ran out during talks. They needed to cater for visiting speakers and their varied requirements, and it needed to be lightweight and simple to use.

Ta da!
  • 1 x mains powered 10" 80 Watts RMS active speaker (PAK-10DMP) which has inputs for microphones and music plus Bluetooth connectivity, weighs only 8Kg
  • 1 x speaker stand
  • Four wired handheld microphones - good quality, sturdy dynamic microphones, sensitive for speech
    • One microphone can be plugged straight into the speaker MIC/LINE INPUT (XLR 3 pin)
    • Two, three or four microphones need the little microphone mixer. That plugs into the mains, the microphones plug into it, and then it plugs into the MIC Jack input on the speaker
    • If the speaker brings their own wireless microphone system this can easily be accommodated
  • 4 x tabletop microphone stands and one floor microphone stand
  • Cables to connect phone, laptop, keyboard, CD players etc
The multi-purpose speaker also allows you to play the radio, play music from a memory stick, or can connect to a phone via Bluetooth, so that pretty much covers all bases for your visiting speakers and small social events! It has a socket to connect to an optional second speaker if you ever feel you need more power.

This speaker is suitable for up to 50 people for any type of WI, U3A or committee meeting.

Larger, more powerful speakers are available in the same range, or you can add a second speaker for more volume if needed. Please call us for more options or email enquiries@whatpa.co.uk.


Active DJ and power speaker system, 80 W

  • Compact 10/2 full range bass-reflex system with plastic cabinet
  • 25 cm (10") bass speaker and 25 mm (1") horn tweeter
  • Integrated MP3 player with USB/SD slot and FM radio
  • Bluetooth receiver
  • Infrared remote control
  • Balanced mic/line input, switchable
  • Line input via RCA or 3.5 mm jack
  • 2-way tone control for treble and bass
  • Mix out via XLR
  • M8 threaded inserts for mounting support
  • Stand sleeve
  • Dimensions 32x49x25 cm
  • Weight 8 Kg
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