TOA TS-900 Infrared Wireless Central Unit with Voting and Translation features

Product Code: TS-900
Stock Status: In Stock
TOA TS-900 Infrared Wireless Central Unit with Voting and Translation features
Product Code: TS-900
Stock Status: In Stock
TOA TS-900 Infrared Wireless Central Unit with Voting and Translation features
TS-900 Central Unit - System Features and Outline

The infrared communication method frees users from worries about eavesdropping and radio interference inherent to radio wave-based wireless communications. Place a single wall in between, and what is being discussed in the
conference room will never be heard outside. For the same reason, it is possible to use two or more systems simultaneously in adjoining conference rooms.

The TS-900 series has more features than the TS-800 such as voting - see below.
  • The unit is used to select the speech system and set the number of participants allowed to talk (one, two or four).
  • The threefold vote function which enables the voting just at the press of a Vote key on each microphone unit. The result can be instantly totalized on the Central unit.
  • The unit is equipped with two channels (MAIN, SUB) for speech output to conference units which can be used for the main language and the translator. Conference units can choose which they hear.
  • The unit can handle up to 96 conference units (TS-901, TS-902).
  • The unit can be connected with up to 16 Transmitter/Receiver units (TS-905) to communicate with conference units.
  • The unit can be externally controlled by a PC. (Note: Requires custom-ordered software).
  • The unit can be mounted either on a tabletop or in a rack (rack mounting brackets are optional).
  • All speeches during the conference can be recorded clearly (translation via sub audio is not recorded).
  • The Central Unit can be connected to an external PA system if an audience needs to hear (not the translation).
  • Model No. TS-900
  • Power Source 100-240 V AC, 50/60Hz (supplied from AC adapter (accessory))
  • Power Consumption 72W
  • Input MIC: -60 dB*, 600O,unbalanced, phone jackAUX: -20 dB*, 10 kO,unbalanced, phone jack
  • Output REC: -20 dB*, 10 kΩ, unbalanced, phone jack, RCA pin jack HEADPHONE: Mini jack
  • Number of Connectable Chairman/Delegate Units 64 units
  • Number of Connectable Infrared Transmitter/Receiver Units 4 units (up to 16 units by using four Distributors)
  • Infrared Transmitter/Receiver I/O Terminal 4 BNC jacks
  • External Control Terminal D-sub connector (9 P, male)
  • LED Indicator Voting result indicators 1-3 (7-segment LED, double-digit number), Audio signal receiving indicators 1-4 CH, Data signal receiving indicator, External control priority indicator, External control communication indicator, Power indicator, Battery indicator (flashes when a Chairman/Delegate unit's battery nears complete discharge)
  • Function Switches:
    • Simultaneous speaker No. setting switch: 1/2/4
    • Mic-off setting switch: TIME OUT ON/OFF
    • Speech priority selector switch: A/B/C (A: First-in-first-out priority, B: Last-in-first-out priority, C: Fixed for the first unit, and last-in-first-out for the subsequent units)
  • Microphone Mix/Cut Switch (for the Base Language) MIC/CUT (Mix): Chairman/Delegate units + MIC 1+ AUX 1 +AUX 3 → Base Language (Cut): MIC 1 + AUX 1 + AUX 3→ Base Language
  • Microphone Mix/Cut Switch (for the Translation Language) MIC/CUT (Mix): Chairman/Delegate units + MIC 2 + AUX 2 + AUX 3 → Translation Language (Cut): MIC 2 + AUX 2 + AUX 3→Translation Language
  • AUX 3 Mixing Select Switch MIC/CUT (Mix): AUX 3 input is relayed to the line output. (Cut): AUX 3 input is not relayed to the line output.
  • Operating Temperature 0º to+40º
  • Finish Panel: Surface-treated steel plate, gray metallic, paint, semi-gloss
  • Weight 2.7kg
  • Accessory AC adapter (Cord length: 1.8 m DC cord, and 2 m detachable AC cord)…1
  • Option Rack mounting bracket: MB-TS900
  •  *0dB=1V

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