Sub Woofers

Boost the bass of your existing PA system with the addition of one, two or more sub woofers.

Available in passive and active versions, sub woofers usually feature an inbuilt crossover. If not you can use an external crossover unit.

The crossover takes the output from your mixing desk, send the low frequency to the sub woofer and the mid/top frequency to your mid/top speakers.

The size of the sub woofer should be at least one size up from your tops, so for example use an 18" sub with 15" tops.

Sub woofers are omni-directional - you can't tell exactly where the sound is coming from - so they can be placed anywhere in the venue, even under a stage or in the wings.

Simple to set up and use, boost both your volume and the quality of your sound with a sub woofer. Click here to view our range.

Suggested set ups

Thanks to HH for these great sub woofer set up ideas.