Studiomaster PAX10+ 80w Powered Monitor

Studiomaster PAX10+ 80w Powered Monitor

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You need a top class monitoring systems, especially when you're playing live - you don't get a second chance!

Unlike when you're in the studio, headphones are not the answer and the only alternative to expensive in-ear monitors is a speaker system (known as stage or wedge monitors) designed for the job. Until now, stage monitors tended to be large and heavy (OK if you have a road crew and a truck), and they can give poor sound quality with limited volume.

The PAX10+ offers you a lightweight, affordable, and most importantly loud, stage monitor system.

Using a normal PA speaker, wide sound dispersion is welcomed... but on stage it can cause problems. Sound can spill into other mics degrading the overall mix and make feedback problems harder to trace. The PAX10+ has a narrow angle of sound dispersion giving the sound you want without blasting everyone on stage or in the front row of the audience!

The tight 30-degree angle, and ultra compact footprint, means the PAX10+ can be placed right in front of you, saving on space. This is invaluable in small venues, you can hear the sound just where you want it. The steel grille not only looks good, it can handle the inevitable knocks that happen when you're on the road. The small size disguises the fact that the PAX10+ is packed with a high output custom 10" loudspeaker, tweeter and 80 Watt amplifier.

Operation couldn't be simpler - you just plug in the signal from your mixer and turn up the volume. There is a link socket so you can connect several PAX10+'s so the whole band can hear. On its own the PAX10+ delivers 80 Watts of power, adding a PX10+ (a PAX10+ without an amplifier) increases the power to 120 Watts.

Active Model



10" Custom Design high output

HF Unit

High Frequency Tweeter


Black Carpet covering corner protectors, feet, scoop handle

Power Output
@ 1% THD

80W @ 8ohms
120W @ 4ohms (with PX10+)

Distortion (amp)

 0.008% (80W @ 8 ohms)

Maximum SPL


Input Impedance

10k ohms balanced compatible

Input Sensitivity



Balanced jack, jack link out
Jack external speaker socket

Power Requirements
Voltage Selector

230V Range ±10% 50/60Hz 3.15A Max
115V Range ±10% 50/60Hz 6.3A Max

Size(W x H x D)

470mm (18.5") x 300mm (11.8") x 365mm (14.4")

Weight (net/shipping)

13kg(28.6lb) / 15kg(33lb)

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