Soundfield Pack A - Ceiling speaker for up to 60m sq

Soundfield Pack A - Ceiling speaker for up to 60m sq

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A Soundfield System will raise the speaker's voice above any obtrusive/significant ambient noise level, to give a comfortable and even voice coverage throughout the room without the need to shout or raise one's voice.

'Soundfield' or a 'Soundfield Voice Reinforcement System' is essentially the integration of an audio or mini-PA system in the classroom or presentation room.

The teacher/presenter talks into the hands-free wireless microphone and their voice is transmitted via infra-red signal to the speaker(s) located in the room. Because infra-red is used the signal is confined to the one room and does not bleed into adjoining rooms.

The system is easily used with other teaching/presentation technologies such as interactive whiteboards, DVD, MP3, induction loops, personal FM hearing assistance systems etc. If you have any questions, please email and we will be able to answer them for you.

The Soundfield PACK A System includes 1 x in-ceiling unidentifiable sound panel loudspeaker, infrared microphone, IR emitter, plus cables and accessories for a complete classroom / presentation room voice reinforcement system up to 60m². You have the choice of a handheld  microphone (which can be suspended from a lanyard) or a pendant-style microphone worm around the neck.

Our flagship i-ceilings Soundfield systems are arguably the most technically advanced and acoustically effective Soundfield systems on today's market.

  • Unobtrusive, yet highly effective voice reinforcement in the classroom / presentation room
  • Unidentifiable Loudspeaker solution in suspended ceiling tile reduces damage or loss due to theft or vandalism
  • Infrared wireless microphone technology allows unlimited adjacent room systems without licensing issues
  • Easily integrated with other technologies such as induction loops, personal FM hearing assistance systems, interactive whiteboards, laptops, etc...
  • Even voice coverage throughout the classroom / room
  • Improved communication between teacher and pupil or presenter and audience
  • Easy to use
  • Unobtrusive infrared microphone
  • Unidentifiable in-ceiling loudspeaker
  • Significantly reduced microphone feedback
  • Click here to view or download the user manual
1 x CS4000ME/AMP Amplified i-ceilings Sound Panel
1 x APA/APL CD/MP3/Laptop Input Wallplate
1 x IWM-402 Pendant Transmitter/Microphone
2 x IS-20A Infrared Sensors
1 x HC-40 Drop-in Charger for IWM-402
1 x IWR-220 Infrared Receiver
Weight (Gross) 21.67kg
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