Solo Artists and Duos

If you're working as a solo act or in a duo you'll appreciate a PA system that's compact and easy to set up.

Typical solo acts and duos will need to allow for one or two vocal microphones, backing tracks from a CD player, MP3 or Bluetooth or guitars/keyboard and often only need a small PA system.

A compact column system  is often a good idea - they have minimal feedback so you can place them behind you on stage, meaning you don't need a monitor. They're also very discreet, have a small footprint in smaller venues and are much louder than they look!

A solo artist singing to backing tracks in a small/medium venue (such as a restaurant or hotel) a pair of Proel V10A speakers and a small passive mixer such as the Proel Mi10 would deliver a really good sound, with the added benefit of vocal effects.

if you're playing in a larger venue to more people 12 inch speakers might be better, and if you're putting a bass guitar through the system when you may need to consider 15 inch speakers.

If you are playing at a reasonable level then we would recommend using stage or in-ear monitors.View monitors in the online shop

If you'd like some more ideas and advice that's specific to your set up, please send an email to or call us on 01375 892317 and we will be happy to advise.