QR12 Portable PA System Bundle

QR12 Portable PA System Bundle

Product Code: QR12PABUN
Brand: QTX
Condition: New
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We've put together this bundle so you have absolutely everything you need for speech amplification, quiz nights, arena events, presentations and more.

The portable PA comes with 2 wireless handheld microphones, a speaker stand and speaker cover, a beltpack and headset microphone (to replace one of the handheld mics in use) and a lapel mic to use instead of the headset microphone.

We've also added in a connecting RCA cable so you can connect a music source (such as an ipod, CD player or laptop) to the PA system.

Package includes:-

1 x QR12PA Portable PA system
1 x 180.181 Compact aluminium stand
1 x QR12PAHS Beltpack with headset
1 x 171.855 Lapel microphone
1 x 127.081 Speaker cover
1 x 104.831 3metre mini jack to RCA cable

You can click on the above links to view more details about the products in this package and view the features of the QR12PA in this short video. 

Battery care

This product is fitted with maintenance-free, sealed batteries. Although the charge holding capacity will reduce over time (as with all rechargeable batteries) following the guidelines below will ensure the best longevity and performance.

1. Before first use, connect the unit to the mains to completely charge the battery. The light will turn green when it is fully charged.

2. Avoid total discharge of the battery. Do not put the unit away while it is still switched on. If the unit becomes fully discharged it may not be possible to recharge it and the unit will make a clicking noise when you try to turn it on.

3. Do not overcharge the battery. When the light turns green the battery is fully charged and should be unplugged from the mains.

4. Charging can take up to 12 hours. The battery will charge more quickly if it is switched off during charging.

5. Using mains power and quick 'top up' charges do not harm the battery.

6. Charge the unit at least once a month, even if it has not been used.

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