Parish Council Meeting PA System / Microphone Package

Product Code: WPAPARISH
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Product Code: WPAPARISH
Stock Status: In Stock
Parish Council Meeting PA System / Microphone Package


Parish Councils and the NHS are always asking us for an easy solution for their public meetings and conferences. They're usually held off-site in village halls so they need to be portable, as well as being quick and easy to set up and use.

We've come up with this solution:-
The Conference Discussion Controller stores your required settings, allowing you to say how many people can speak at once etc.

The Chairman microphone over-rides all others, allowing the chairperson to keep in control of the meeting.

We've included 6 Delegate mics, but feel free to add to or reduce that as per your needs; the controller can support up to 50.

The microphones daisy-chain from the Chairman mic so you only have one cable going along the table. There's approx. 1.2 metres of cable between microphones and extensions are available (see related products).The microphones are 'push to talk' and push again to stop, so you don't have to hold the button in. The microphone lights up when it is turned on.

The Controller has outputs to connect to the QR12PA Portable PA system which amplifies the sound for the audience to hear - we have included the connecting RCA cable for that.

The QR12PA comes with 2 x wireless handheld microphones which the audience can use to ask questions. You could also connect the QR12PA to a laptop to record your meeting if you'd like to.

An average system takes about 10 minutes to set up - plug the Controller into the mains, plug the Chairman microphone into the controller and plug the first Delegate microphone into the Chairman microphone. After that, they all just daisy-chain on the end. If your table is U-shaped or you have more than one table there are 10m and 20m extension cables available to bridge the gap. The last microphone in sequence doesn't need to go back to the Controller, the daisy chain just ends with the last microphone, so there is only one thin cable running around the table.

There's about 1.2 metres of cable between each microphone so we find that in most situations two people can comfortably share one microphone. Each microphone has a little speaker built into the base with its own volume control so the delegates can hear what's being said. One or two earphones or personal induction loop amplifiers can be connected into the headphone sockets, but please be aware that that will turn off the speaker in the base.

The microphones come in really bulky boxes which is great for protection but no so great for storage and transportation! That's why we've added the padded microphone bags. They have foam inside cut into squares so you can decide how you want to lay your microphones in them, then pull away the unneeded foam to give a snug, safe and supported fit for your controller and microphones. As the bags are lightweight and have side and shoulder straps it makes taking the Conference System out to different venues really easy.

Please note this system is Monacor branded and not JTS as shown - new image coming soon.
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