Monacor TM-6 Megaphone 8W

Monacor TM-6 Megaphone 8W

Product Code: TM-6
Condition: New
MPN: 17.1800
MPN: 17.1800
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With our range of reliable megaphones, we provide the perfect solution for each application. A few basic selection criteria will help you to choose the right unit. The operating range is surely the most important one. Here, the following applies: with increasing sound pressure (in dB), the operating range of the megaphone increases, too. Furthermore, it is possible to choose between megaphones with integrated microphone, with hand-held microphone or units with an additional wireless microphone. Each megaphone from MONACOR is supplied with power by standard batteries. As an alternative, a few units also feature a 12V connection. Size, weight and the power supply are further selection criteria for choosing the right megaphone. With these comparison criteria, you will surely find the ideal megaphone meeting your individual requirements very quickly.


in a plastic housing, small design.

  • Built-in microphone
  • Siren, switchable
  • Volume control
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