Monacor SPEECH-100D Professional Wireless Lectern Amplifier system

Monacor SPEECH-100D Professional Wireless Lectern Amplifier system

Product Code: SPEECH-100D
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A great solution for presentations and meetings of around 50 people or more, this battery-operated lectern with wireless microphone technology will amplify both speech and music in a professional style, when and where you need it.

With no need to plug into the mains (except to recharge) this lectern has its own speaker and can support external audio input (from laptop etc) and three microphones, with options to add more microphones and to boost the power with extra speakers if needed.

The SPEECH-100D active lectern from MONACOR has loads of inputs enabling you to create the type of presentation system you need, by choosing your own combo of optional extras:-


  • 1 OR 2 Integrated Gooseneck microphones Model: EMG-650P
  • Integrated LED gooseneck lamp Model: GNL-304
  • Wireless microphone - select one from:
    • Handheld microphone Model: TXS-821HT
    • or Beltpack and headset Model: TXS-820LT
    • or Beltpack and lapel microphone Model: TXS-820LT
  • Extra wireless microphones (e.g. Model: NU2)
  • Long laptop/tablet/phone mini-jack to RCA connecting cable 10m
  • Medium laptop/tablet/phone mini-jack to RCA connecting cable 3m
  • Short laptop/table/phone mini-jack to RCA connecting cable 1.2m
  • The lectern has a speaker built into it, so you don't need any more to make it work, but can improve the quality of the sound or add more speakers to make it louder if needed - please ask for our recommendations on these
    • Higher quality external passive speaker (>80 watts RMS @ 8Ohms)
    • Louder active speakers for a larger audience size

A pretty useful piece of kit, isn't it!

  • Built-in class D mixing amplifier and speaker system, 80 W RMS
  • Operation via built-in rech. lead gel batteries: 2 x 12 V/7 Ah (operating time: up to 16 hours)
  • Integrated battery charging, supplied with charger
  • 1 input via comb. jack mic (XLR)/line (6.3 mm jack)
  • 1 stereo aux input via RCA jacks
  • Each input with gain control
  • 2 shock-absorbing XLR jacks on the top part of the lectern for 2 optional gooseneck microphones (use one microphone input each) or one microphone and one LED gooseneck light, available at option
  • 12 V phantom power to power the gooseneck microphones
  • 1 stereo line output via RCA jacks - you can record to an external device
  • NEUTRIK SPEAKON connection (8 Ω) for external speaker
  • 2-way speaker system
  • High-quality wooden cabinet with replaceable black or wood-coloured bottom plates
  • Top part of the lectern with folding document compartment
  • Inputs for a mixing desk or wireless microphone systems
  • Output for recording or to active speakers (for more volume)
  • Output for an external passive speaker (for higher quality, same volume)
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