Mixers typically have 3 types of inputs:

Input Use
XLR (Mono): Balanced line input - typically microphones or output from DI boxes
Mono Line: Mono line level signal - typically the output from a mono instrument (e.g. line out signal from a bass amp)
Stereo Line: Stereo Line level signal - typically the output from a stereo keyboard
(Usually a channel has the option of XLR or Mono line inputs)
How many channels do we need?
Channel How many you will need
  • One for each vocal microphone

  • One for each instrument cabinet miked up

  • One for each DI box used

Mono Line
  • One for each mono line level instrument (or 2 for each stereo instrument)

Stereo Line

  • One for each stereo line level instrument (e.g. keyboard, CD player)