Maui Compact Column 400w Powered PA System

Maui Compact Column 400w Powered PA System

Product Code: LDMAUI28
Condition: New
Watts: 400w
More Information
 LD MAUI 28 is a compact, active and modular "all-in-one" system, perfect for performers, cinema clubs, schools, public speakers and events requiring a sophisticated sound.

It's really quick to set up - the two column speakers simply "plug" into the base sub-woofer, no stands or cables are required.

There's a clear, dynamic and balanced sound throughout the frequency range of this system, even at the highest volumes, and the array configuration means the sound covers all the room without being loud at the front and quieter at the back and corners.

There's no feedback with this system so the speakers can even go behind the vocalist, eliminating the need for stage monitors. The sub weighs 29kg and the two columns speakers a total of 8kg.

There's left and right combo XLR/Jack inputs plus an RCA input - if you need more, just plug in a mixer and you are ready to go!


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