JTS Conference Discussion System

JTS Conference Discussion System

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With our increasing corporate market we finally sourced the perfect solution for conferencing.  This clever little system can handle upto 150 delegates (when expanded) and can even be adapted to record the meetings, broadcast and enable off site meetings with the connection of a telephone system.  It's built in mind for meetings, conferences, council chambers, banks and offices with boardrooms.

The i-Conference unit is the centre of the system which controls the microphones of the chairman and the delegate units.  It also connects to other audio devices.  This unit on its own can handle up to 50 microphones and 150 can be used when 2 other main units are used as extension units.

It is extremely easy to setup and you dont actually need a PA system to hear what is going on as the main unit and the mics all have built in speakers.  The chairpersons microphone simply plugs into the main unit and then the remaining mics simply daisy chain into this mic.  They also have headphone sockets for privacy if you need to.  If you want to connect a PA system to it you may do so if you wish other people to hear and they can also participate in the discussion if you connect a wireless mic to the back of the main unit.  You can record the proceedings as well with the audio out and a telephone system can be connected as well to expand the capabilites of the system for larger companies that wish to hold long distance conferences.

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