Inter-M PX8000 8 x 8 Audio Matrix

Product Code: PX8000
Stock Status: In Stock
Inter-M PX8000 8 x 8 Audio Matrix
Product Code: PX8000
Stock Status: In Stock
Inter-M PX8000 8 x 8 Audio Matrix


The Inter-M PX8000 is an 8x8 Audio Matrix System which provides a flexible, versatile, simple to operate multi-zone audio distribution system for applications such as hotels, leisure complexes, retail outlets and multi-room public address / background music or audio visual installations.

Designed to 'un-complicate' a multi-zone, multiple input audio system, the InterM PX8000 Matrix is a fully configurable controller routing up to 8 audio sources (voice, background music, tones and recordings, etc) to any of eight destination zones.

Each signal input on the PX8000 features its own level and tone control on the rear of the unit (to avoid 'tampering hands'!); whereas each output zone is controlled by a simple slide fader. Above the fader is a selector switch to easily choose the audio input source for each zone.

The System also features 4 x RJ45 sockets to connect up to 4 optional RM8000 Remote Microphone Consoles, plus an additional 8 x RJ45 sockets for inclusion of up to 8 optional LM8000 Remote Wall-mount Controls.

The InterM RM8000 Remote Microphone Station is an impressive desktop microphone/controller, allowing broadcast to any of the Matrix's 8 zones.
The InterM LM8000 Remote Control Wallplate provides a whole lot more than just remote volume control at the end of the line! It also provides audio source selection from any one of the 8 sources connected to the PX8000, plus 2.5mm line input socket and 1/4" jack microphone input - both with their own volume level control.

With zone control connectivity over standard Cat5e/6 ethernet cable and a huge range of input/output configurations easily produced, the PX8000 is an ideal, uncomplicated multi-zone audio controller.

Features include:-

  • Paging Mic 50dB (Balanced)
  • BGM Audio Input 8 x -10dB (Unbalanced)
  • Audio Output 0dB (Balanced)
  • Sampling Frequency 8kHz
  • Recording Duration 30 seconds
  • Tone Control (Paging Mic) ±10dB @ 10Hz/10kHz
  • Tone Control (Audio Output) ±12dB @ 100Hz/10kHz
  • Total Harmonic Distortion Less than 0.03% (20kHz LPF)
  • Signal to Noise Ratio Greater than 75dB (20kHz LPF)
  • Power Source 230v AC
  • Dimensions 482(W) x 132(H) x 380(D) mm
  • Weight (Net) 8.50kg
  • Weight (Gross) 10.67kg

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