Installing Your New PA System

We don't offer an installation service at What PA? because we think you'll learn more about your PA System if you do it yourselves, and it's definitely more cost-effective!

When a customer uses an installation company to install and set up their PA System they tend to become dependant upon them, instead of learning how to use it themselves. This can be costly, and if something goes wrong there's no-one at the school, hall or company who knows enough about the PA equipment to solve a simple problem.

When you buy a PA System from us we will give you and your usual electrician all the information you need to safely install the parts which need a Part P electrician, and a simple guide to connect together the parts which just need a screwdriver plus some time and patience!

The result is a cheaper system for you, someone in your team who knows how it all connects together, plus the set up guide from us for future reference.

A PA System can seem a little daunting, but the best way to learn how to operate it is to look at the user manuals then play some music or speak through the microphone and try out all the buttons to see what they do!

Once you know what the buttons do, if small fingers meddle with the settings or something isn't working properly before an event you'll know what to do to quickly put it right.

What PA? help you to choose and use the best PA System for your needs. Give us a call on 01375 892317, email us on or fill in our Simple Enquiry Form.