IMG Stageline TXS-686 8-way wireless UHF microphone receiver (672.000-696.975 MHz)

IMG Stageline TXS-686 8-way wireless UHF microphone receiver (672.000-696.975 MHz)

Product Code: TXS-686
Condition: New
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This 8-channel multifrequency receiver unit with UHF PLL technology supports the addition of up to eight wireless handheld microphones or wireless beltpacks (with headset or lapel microphones) or a combination of each. The microphones are bought separately and can be found via the Related Products links at the bottom of this page. This system is very popular with schools and drama groups.

A mixed signal of the eight receiver sections is available at the jack LINE OUT (14) on the rear of the unit, so this 8-way microphone receiver can be connected into one channel of a mixing desk or directly into the back of an active speaker which has a MIC IN. Very handy! Individual microphone volumes can simply be adjusted on the receiver. Of course if you want to, each microphone output can be connected into its own channel on a larger mixing desk.

IMPORTANT: This system operates within the 672.000-696.975 MHz bandwidth and as such does require an annual operating licence from Ofcom in order to use it legally, which is around £28 per microphone per year.

  • 1,000 selectable UHF frequencies (672.000-696.975 MHz) for each channel (10 groups with 100 channels each)
  • ACT function for transmitting selected frequency to pocket transmitter TXS-606LT, TXS-606HSE, hand-held microphone TXS-606HT or desktop microphone TXS-606DT via infrared signal
  • Autoscan
  • True diversity system with removable antennas (BNC connection)
  • Volume and squelch controls for each channel
  • LCD for indicating group/channel, RF receiving level, AF audio level and additional LED display for indicating antenna A/B, audio signal of each channel
  • XLR output for each channel, bal.
  • 6.3 mm jack output for mixed signal
  • Robust metal housing
  • Supplied with power supply
  • 482 mm (19") rack installation, 2 RS
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