Hotel Announcement and Background Music System

Product Code: WPABGM1
Stock Status: In Stock
Product Code: WPABGM1
Stock Status: In Stock
Hotel Announcement and Background Music System


This is our latest conference/hotel announcement and background music package that we have put together.  As this package appears it is relevant for a hotel that needs announcements and background music in 2 rooms.  

You can build on this adding more speakers or even have 2 speakers in each room if you had more rooms and they were smaller.  The setup gives you 2 zones so you can decide whether or not to have music in both or something different in both.  If you are having a conference then you can cancel the music in one room whilst the other room maybe a restaurant and you can have low volume background music playing.

Our latest Announcement and Background Music Package
Ideal for conferences or hotels needing announcements and/or background music in 2 rooms
Easy to upgrade at a later date
2 independent zones allowing you to have the same or different music/speech in each area
Control panel in each zone allowing direct input of microphone, MP3 or laptop

The package includes:-

1 x PX8000 8x8 Audio Matrix
1 x QD4240 Multi channel Amplifier
1 x QT4240 4x600w 100v Transformer Unit
1 x MCD15 5 Disc CD Player
8 x WS230w 100v line Wall Speaker
1 x CW9000 UHF Handheld Radio Microphone
1 x CW9001 UHF Lapel Radio Microphone
2 x LM8000 Mic/Line Input Plate with Volume Control
2 x PS/LM Flush Plate for LM8000

Please note cabling is not included*

The other added feature of this package is the LM8000 control plates.  There are two of them - one for each room or location, and they are connected back to the Audio Matrix with Cat5e cable.  This gives them control of the main Audio Matrix which would be located near reception from wherever you decide to put them.  You can decide whether you want the main background music on or off and have ultimate control of the volume.  The really clever bit is that you can plug in a microphone and  a mp3 player or laptop etc.  This means that if you are having a conference then your customer can decide what they
would like to have going through the speakers in the room without the need for any intervention by you.  It is a clever bit of technology but one that is very simple to use!  We even supply a data cabinet that this can be installed into to protect it and preserve the life of the products, please ask for more details.

Should you decide to go with a package like this then depending on you location an hours training is included in the cost.

*The cabling is not included as this is site specific.  Measurements are needed.  Please note that we do not install this product, it can be installed easily by a qualified electrician.

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