Contacta V12A Hearing Loop Driver

Contacta V12A Hearing Loop Driver

Product Code: 954.011UK
Brand: AVSL
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A highly efficient, compact, constant current, dual output hearing loop driver, with integral phase shifter for phased array configuration. The V12A is suitable for small and medium sized facilities and venues. It has Class-D amplifier output stages and an audio subsystem built around an advanced DSP core. Combined with a powerful CPU to ensure peak performance, the V12A uses cutting edge technology, proven in the pro audio world to achieve life-like speech and first-class music reproduction. Complies with the following standards: BS EN 55103-1: 2009 (EMC emissions); BS EN 55103-2: 2009 (EMC immunity); FCC class “B” EMC (emissions); ICES-003; IEC 60118-4 (in correct installations); IEC 62489-1

  • DSP automatic gain control and high frequency compensation for metal loss
  • 2 X 90° phase shifted (DSP controlled) Class-D amplifier output stages, capable of delivering 5A RMS @ >12VRMS
  • Ultra-efficient power utilisation
  • True constant-current output stage
  • Simple user interface
  • Backlit LCD display
  • Sleep mode
  • Continuous self-testing
  • Integrated protection circuits with temperature, voltage, short circuit and DC detection


  • Power 100W 24Vdc 4.17A via external psu
  • Input : line XLR or 3.81mm Euro block
  • Input : mic Jack (12V phantom power via 680 ohms)
  • Loop drive voltage 12V rms (33.94Vpk-pk) @5A rms (14.14Apk-pk)
  • Loop drive current 5A rms (14.14Apk-pk) upto 300 seconds
  • Loop connection 5.08mm Euro block
  • Frequency response 80Hz - 6.5kHz
  • Distortion THD+N <0.3% (-50.5dB) Full current both outputs driven
  • Automatic gain control Peak detecting

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