Contacta Above the Counter Loop System

Contacta Above the Counter Loop System

Product Code: 954.017UK
Brand: AVSL
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An over-counter loop system, providing clear communication with hearing aid wearers, especially where background noise is a problem or clear speech is restricted. The aerial is contained within the sign, which fixes to a counter or desk surface, enabling users to easily spot the loop and get maximum benefit from it. The unit can be fitted in many positions due to its low-profile structure. Complies with the following standards: CE, ROHS and WEEE compliant; BS EN 60118-4 in correct installations.

The box for this item contains :

  • 1 to 1 hearing loop driver
  • Halo microphone
  • Hearing loop sign with built-in aerial
  • Power supply and 2m IEC lead
  • Fixings
  • Microprocessor controlled
  • Energy-saving “green” standby mode achieves a power saving of up to 80% during quiet periods
  • Advanced audio processing features, including AGC, compression and noise gate
  • Constant-current loop drive
  • Continuous self-testing
  • Isolated audio line input allows the driver to take alternative audio sources (optional)
  • Power and LED status indication
  • Magnetic field range of 800mm


  • Amplifier : dimensions 40 x 115 x 116mm
  • Amplifier : weight 0.1kg
  • Amplifier : construction ABS housing
  • Amplifier : supply voltage 12-14Vdc
  • Amplifier : quiescent current 100mA typical
  • Amplifier : operating current 2A typical at speech peaks
  • Amplifier : speaker output power RMS 2.5W @ 8Ohms - 4.4W @ 4Ohms
  • Amplifier : loop drive compliance constant curent, bounded by 4V RMS & 2A RMS
  • Amplifier : total harmonic distortion <5% (loop & speakers)
  • Microphone : dimensions 70 x 40 x 100mm
  • Microphone : frequency response 70Hz -20KHz
  • Microphone : polar pattern cardioid
  • Microphone : sensitivity -46dBv @ 1KHz
  • Microphone : distortion Typically less than 1%
  • Hearing loop sign : dimensions 205 x 205 x 5.4mm
  • Hearing loop sign : weight 0.2kg
  • Hearing loop sign : field range 800mm

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