Conference Microphones

Why do you need a Conference Discussion System?

Your chairperson has a better chance of keeping a meeting under control and engaging both the audience and the committee members if everyone can hear what's being said.

Wired or wireless?

You can get both wired and wireless conference systems, but you should expect to pay 10 x as much for a wireless system as wired.

The wired system we favour has only one cable running around the table and is very easy to set up and use, and is a very affordable way to have a conference system.

Example: Parish Council Meetings

What PA? get a lot of enquiries from Parish Councils who need a round-table conference system and also have Q&A from an audience. Quite often the meetings are in a village hall, and the system has to be transported there and back each time.

The best solution is the JTS Conference System - with a controller, a chairperson microphone, and as many delegate microphones as you need - plus a small portable PA system speaker (for the audience) which comes complete with 2 x wireless handheld microphones for audience Q&A. Click to view this package.

The set up time is really quick! You plug the controller into the mains, the chairman mic into the controller, and then daisy-chain the delegate microphones one behind the other.

There's a 1.2 metre cable between microphones and 10m and 20m extensions are available if you have a horseshoe layout or two tables.

The controller enables you to select the maximum number of microphones that are allowed to be on at one time as well as other settings, and these are retained when it's turned off so it's ready to go next time.

The chairman microphone over-rides all others. The microphones light up when in use and have a push-to-talk, push-to-stop button so you don't have to keep them depressed. Each microphone has a small speaker in the base with the option of using an headphone output instead and microphones can often be shared one between two.

If you have an audience, the conference controller can be connected to an external portable PA system - we recommend the QR12PA - so the audience can hear everything that's being said and they can use the handheld microphones that come with the portable PA to ask questions, which the delegates and chairman can clearly hear.

It's an all-round great system! Easy to transport with the padded carry bags, quick and easy to set up, reliable, and with great feedback from many customers.

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