Clever Little Box AVID 3 BT In-wall Stereo Amplifier 2x 15W with Bluetooth Connectivity

Product Code: AVID3BT
Stock Status: Sold Out
Product Code: AVID3BT
Stock Status: Sold Out
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Clever Little Box AVID 3 BT In-wall Stereo Amplifier 2x 15W with Bluetooth Connectivity


Clever Little Box - AVID3BT
The AVID3 In-wall Amplifier is a stylish and discreet 2 x 15W stereo amplifier for in-wall or dado conduit mounting.This amplifier does not come with any speakers, but packages with wall or ceiling speakers are also available (see below).

The new AVID3BT Bluetooth Amplifier connectivity allows fast, simple wireless connection of Bluetooth enabled devices such as smartphone, tablets, iPhones, iPods, iPads etc.

An ideal solution for AV and single-room voice or sound reinforcement applications, the AVID3BT Stereo Amplifier is fitted into a 2-gang wallplate and features 3 x audio source inputs (3.5mm jack, 2 x RCA and screw terminal), line level sensitivity switch and bright LED display.

Supplied as standard, the AVID remote control unit provides ON/OFF, volume, tone and balance control.

The AVID3BT compact amplifier is ideal for applications such as classrooms, boardrooms, meeting or demo rooms and in domestic home automation installations in the kitchen, bedroom or home study.

The AVID3BT Bluetooth Wallmount Amplifier offers the user a range of connection options. Installed in the room (office, kitchen, classroom, study, etc...), this in-wall amplifier allows for both wired (using a cable) or wireless (via Bluetooth) connection of a wide range of audio source devices.

Audio devices such as CD players, MP3 players, digital radios, TV/DVD or microphone can be connected to the AVID3BT Amplifier via a connecting cable, plugging directly into the dual-phono or 3.5mm jack sockets on the front of the amplfier. Alternatively, any audio source can be permanently 'hard' wired by connecting the cable to the rear of the AVID3BT amplifier via screw terminals.

However, for true ease of use and convenience, the new AVID3BT's trump card is it's in-built Bluetooth wireless receiver!
Once your Bluetooth enabled device (such as iPad, iphone, smartphone, etc) has been paired with the AVID3BT amplifier, your handheld device becomes the room's audio player device without the need for any cables or plugging-in to be done! High performance stereo sound fills the room with your choice of music downloaded to your phone / tablet device.

AVID3BT is also available with 2 & 4 speaker packages included:
AVID3BT SYSTEM-C, including 2 x Ceiling Loudspeakers
AVID3BT SYSTEM-W, including 2 x Wallmount Music Loudspeakers
AVID3BT SYSTEM-C4, including 4 x Ceiling Loudspeakers
AVID3BT SYSTEM-W4, including 4 x Wallmount Music Loudspeakers

  • Stereo amplifier fitted to UK 2-gang Wallplate
  • New higher power 2 x 15W output (RMS)
  • Bluetooth connectivity for wireless audio input of iPhone, iPad, smartphones, etc
  • 3 x Wired Input Sources: Stereo Phono, 3.5mm Stereo Jack
  • Line Level Sensitivity Switch
  • Control of ON/OFF, volume and source selection via illuminated push button located on the front panel
  • Infrared remote control of ON/OFF, volume, balance and tone facilities (supplied as standard).
  • Clear LED level indicator/setting status display (source select and volume)
  • Mono / Stereo jumper selection on rear; Screw terminations on the rear of the unit for Loudspeakers, power and wired line input
  • Separate Loudspeaker balance adjustment to allow system set up (control located on rear of unit)
  • Includes Plugtop Power Supply
  • Also includes Wallmounted Bracket for remote control
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