Chiayo Challenger 120w Wireless Portable PA System

Chiayo Challenger 120w Wireless Portable PA System

Product Code: CHALLENGERH38
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The Chiayo family of products is a step up from your run-of-the-mill PA brand.  The build quality of the procucts and the sound quality is not to be compared and is well worth the extra spend.

The CHALLENGERH38 is a powerful 120 Watt wireless portable presentation system used for presentations, live product demonstrations and events and background music.

The CHALLENGERH38 Package provides a complete Portable system which includes the Challenger1004 amplifier/loudspeaker with retractable handle and integrated wheels for easy transport and a Handheld Transmitter.

The new Challenger 1004 UHF is an all-in-one, multi-functional, multi-purpose wireless portable sound system designed for both indoor and outdoor use, capable of high quality coverage up to 800m².

Compact and lightweight, it features a CD player with integrated USB MP3 player and will now allow for up to 4 UHF microphone receivers.

The Challenger also features easy to use controls and retractable handle to allow the unit to be easily transported.

Please Note: Microphones & Transmitters sold separately or sold as Complete Challenger Systems.

• Also available: CHALLENGERH38BT with bluetooth connectivity

NEW: IRDA facility allows the system frequency to be changed via Infra Red TX<-->RX = 2 way.
Package includes:
• Challenger1004 Portable PA System with CD Player
• SQ6100IRDA Handheld Microphone/Transmitter
• DC40 Cover

Alternate addition:
• DPRB600M- MP3 Player with Bluetooth and USB

    120W internal amplifier and full-range loudspeaker
    Integral UHF wireless microphone receiver (100 Channel, SDR5100M/38, (plus option for an additional three receivers!)
    CD player complete with USB MP3 player & IR remote control
    Option to add MP3 Player/Recorder with Bluetooth Connectivity
    Wired microphone/auxiliary inputs, plus line level output
    Extension loudspeaker output (8 Ohm)
    Optional matching extension loudspeaker (C1000 Companion)
    Internal rechargeable battery or mains operation
    Retractable handle & integrated wheels
    Tone control
    Protective cover supplied

Description     CHALLENGERH38
Frequency Range (UHF / PLL)     UK CH38 606-614MHz
Output (Speaker/Amp)     120W RMS
Battery Life (voice only)     6 ~ 8 hours
Battery Life (constant CD player use)     5 ~ 6 hours
Battery Recharge Time (approx)     8 ~10 hours
Built-in Charger     Yes
Music Options     CD Player with integrated USB MP3
Power Requirement     230v AC / Internal Battery
Dimensions     350(W) x 500(H) x 300(D) mm
Weight (Main Unit Only)     18.8kg
Weight (Net)     24.00kg
Weight (Gross)     26.00kg

Other System Packages:
• Challenger System 16H: Challenger 1004, 16 channel UHF with CD, USB MP3 and IR remote with UHF handheld microphone transmitter and canvas cover (This is the one listed)
• Challenger System 16BH: Challenger 1004, 16 channel UHF with CD, USB MP3 and IR remote with UHF beltpack transmitter, lightweight headset microphone and canvas cover
• Challenger System 16BT: Challenger 1004, 16 channel UHF with CD, USB MP3 and IR remote with UHF beltpack transmitter, tie clip microphone and canvas cover

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