Audac COM12MK2 120w 100V Line Public Address Amplifier

Audac COM12MK2 120w 100V Line Public Address Amplifier

Product Code: COM12MK2
Brand: AUDAC
Condition: New
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Product overview

The COM series public address mixing amplifiers are providing an ideal solution for small to medium size commercial sound systems. Different configurations in terms of output power and connectivity provide an enormous flexibility for numerous applications.

The COM12 is capable of delivering an output power of 120 Watt to 100 Volt constant voltage systems or 4 Ohm low impedance loads.

Six input channels with individual level control allow connectivity and mixing to a wide variation of music sources. Four balanced microphone inputs (XLR) containing phantom power (15 V) and two priority allow connection for almost any (dynamic or condenser) microphone. Two inputs selectable between stereo balanced line (RCA) and microphone (6.3 mm Jack) allow connection for any source such as CD-player, music computer or portable device, or enable to expand the total microphone count to 6.

The remote microphone and tele-paging inputs allow expansion of the system with a paging station (with chime tones) or couple the system with your business telecom system (or any other priority line source). Using the priority mute contact, coupling and muting can be done through an external fire alarm system.

The output level can be adjusted using a master volume control accompanied with 2-band tone regulation. The level is indicated with a 5-segment VU-bar while output selection is made possible using an integrated 5-zone speaker switcher.

Both table-top installation or 19” (2HE) equipment rack mounting is made possible using the included adapters.

Product highlights

  • 120 Watt RMS output power
  • 5-Zone output selector
  • Low impedance & constant voltage output
  • Varity of line & microphone inputs
  • Phantom power (4x) & priority (2x) on Mic
  • Remote microphone & telephone paging
  • Individual input level control
  • Priority mute contact
  • Table top or 19” rack installation
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