What PA? Help you to buy a PA system

Here at What PA? we know that many people need to buy PA systems and microphones without knowing exactly what they need, or how it all works.

We offer simple sales advice and can recommend the best PA system and microphones for your needs - just give us a call on 01375 892317, email enquiries@whatpa.co.uk or fill in our simple enquiry form.

We find a solution within your budget - no two enquiries are the same - and we'll always keep it simple! We provide excellent customer service both pre- and post-sales so you never need to worry,

We're located in Orsett, Essex, but are internet-based rather than showroom-based as we cover the whole of the UK. Since 2006 we've supplied hundreds of schools, village halls, businesses, councils, musicians and bands, children's entertainers, hotels, sports clubs, gyms, pubs etc. with a PA system to meet their needs. Our most well-known customers include NATO, Thames Valley Police, Waterstone's Book Stores, the NHS and many local authorities.

Just tell us what you need a PA system for. We'll ask you a few questions, maybe ask for a photo of where the PA will be used, and will come back to you with some suggestions within your budget. All of this help and advice is free of charge, with no obligation. If you buy a system from us we can also supply Easy Set Up & Usage instructions, all free of charge.

We accept Purchase Orders from schools, local authorities and large companies. Delivery is £5 per order under £100 and free over £100 (to mainland UK, Mon-Fri) and delivery is usually in 1-2 working days.

Let us help you find the right PA system for your needs!

You don't need to know anything about any of the equipment currently on the market, we will recommend whatever we think solves your needs within your budget. You have a wide range of brands to choose from including Adastra, ADS, Audio-technica, Audac, Axiom, Chiayo, Chord, Citronic, Clever Little Box, Clock Audio, HH, Laney, Monacor, Proel, Saggiter, Samson, Sennheiser, Shure, Signet, Stageline, Studiomaster, QTX and more.

01375 892317