30w Background Music and Announcement PA System

30w Background Music and Announcement PA System

Product Code: WPA35
Brand: ADS
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Due to customer demand we have sourced a range of products that are quite different from your average music PA systems.  Over long distances between the amplifier and the speakers of a normal PA system you will suffer volume loss - not so with 100v line PA systems.  The systems can comprise of as many speakers as you think you might need so are ideal for school classrooms, announcements in multiple rooms, theatre dressing rooms, leisure centres, offices, cafes and factories.  The rule of thumb here is that the more speakers you have the more amplification you will need.

This package includes:

1 x 60w RMS mixer amplifier (Model no. 10-6227-B25)
2 x 15w 100v/8ohm speakers (hi-fi type) (Model no. 02-0050-B11)
1 x Desk paging microphone with push to talk button (Model no. 13-0026-BO7)

This would really be ideal for a small shop or needing to make announcements to customers and play background music, or a theatre that needs to make announcements to the dressing rooms.

The mixer amp is 60w and weighs only 5kg.  It has 3 inputs, 2 for microphones and 1 for a CD player.  All 3 channels have a serperate volume control and there is also a master volume and treble, middle and bass controls so you can tailor the sound somewhat.  It can be rack mounted to keep things tidy at extra cost.  Full specifications can be supplied upon request.

The speakers are similar in style to your home hi-fi speakers but they can be mounted to the wall either by the bracket or the ball and socket type joint, both of these are supplied.  They are 15 watts in power and only weigh 1.6kg and can be 'turned' down individually on each speaker if you want them a little bit quieter.  The speakers are weather resistant but not fully weather proof so should not be sited outdoors. Full specifications can be supplied upon request.

The microphone is a paging type microphone and has a button that you push to turn it on and speak in to it.  It is connected to the amplifier by a 5 pin din cable and can only operate in a single zone enviroment.  Full specifications can be supplied upon request.

This equipment uses specific cable which is not supplied. You must get a qualified electrician to supply the cable and install the system. We can offer an installation service in Essex only - please call for details.

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