JTS I-Conference Meetings and Conference Mic Package

JTS I-Conference Meetings and Conference Mic Package

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Whether you're a large company or a small business at one time or another you'll need to have a meeting and you won't be able to hear the person across the other side of the room.  This system makes things much easier in such a situation!

The idea is that you can use 1 mic for each person but you can get away with using 1 mic between 2 people and they all link back to the control unit through the chairman mic.  Each microphone and the control unit has a small speaker that's only in use when you're not speaking so you can clearly hear what's being said in the meeting without any feedback or nasty noises whatsoever.  The microphones also have 2 headphone sockets if you want to monitor meeting more closely.

The package consists of a control unit, 1 chairman mic and 4 delegate mics - more delegate mics can be added at any time.  A total of 50 microphones can be used with this system giving it great flexibility. 

The control unit has a number of features which can be seen here, briefly they include a built-in speaker, connectivity to conference call systems and software and control over the microphones.

What you get in the package:-

1 x CS-1CU JTS I-Conferemce Control Unit
1 x CS-1CH Chairman Microphone
4 x CS-1DU Delegate Microphone
2 x 127.035 Padded Transportation Case

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